New Powder

November 8, 2019

For my AR-15 I have been using VARGET powder, while I can’t find any fault with it I want to try something new.
I went with CEF223.

The first thing I saw was it measured nicely and consistently.
9 shot from the CHRONOGRAPH

68gr HPBT 24.5 CEF223

Shot 1 2450 Shot 6 2450
Shot 2 2450 Shot 7 2478
Shot 3 2450 Shot 8 2424
Shot 4 2428 Shot 9 2450
Shot 5 2428

Hi Shot 2478
LO Shot 2424
AVG Shot 2445
Standard Deviation 16
Extreme Spread 54

I do believe that the ES came for the bullets being +/- .1gr.
With match grade, this should tighten right up!
Over all, I am very happy with CEF223


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