Group Vetting

July 15, 2019

A vetting process begins with a candidate’s resume.  Does the candidate really have a Doctor degree and have actual experience, is just one example.

The process continues with the verification of information. Every degree, award or certification claimed by a candidate must be checked.

Once you have verified the resume then you move on to the person. You are not looking to sing “kumbaya” around the campfire but looking for red flags. You have to ask stressful questions and then drill down to find the right answer.

Such as “Everyone must be fully and immunized for worldwide deployment“. Are they willing to get a full battery shot? if not, why not. Is it due to religious beliefs, economic factors or are they afraid of needles?
Remember you’re looking for red flags. No matter what their reason is can you talk them into it? That in itself gets you insight no matter what the answer was.

If it was due to religious beliefs and you talk them into it they lack moral courage. What are they going to do when the real tough decisions have to be made.

If it was a fear of needles and you talk them into it that tells you something different.

Scenario number two.
Give them the pet chicken to carry around all day and come dinner time they have to slaughter and dress the chicken for dinner. Can they do it?

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