March 29, 2017

This is what I prep for: To thrive not just survive!

The event that triggers EOTWAWKI could be one of many things an EMP, CME, financial collapse or even ebola.
But whatever triggers it, is going to cause a long duration event, I believe 10 years or more.
And that 10 years is going to be a very bumpy ride.
If you don’t have it you won’t get it. Meaning that if you don’t have the canning lids, enough that will last 10 years, then you’re going to be very hungry.

Yes there’s 1000’s of skill sets that would be beneficial to a group medic, ham operator, beekeeper the list goes on.
But the single most important skill set will be the farmer!
They can teach you to be a basic infantryman in 12 weeks.
But you can’t learn to be a farmer in 12 weeks much less 12 months.
And unless your name is Jack or Johnny you just can’t throw seeds on the ground and think they’re going to grow.
You have to have the tools to plant them.
You also have to tools to harvest.
You also have to have the tools to process them, dehydrating, smoking or canning.
It takes a lot to prep of garden. I can guarantee you that you’re going to have crop failure.
In each one of those is skill set unto itself.

In my scenario self-sufficiency is the only way to go.
You have to be a able to grow enough food for the group and the livestock.
Plus have enough seed for the next year’s crop.

And while I agree the weapons are important it’s secondary to food production
You can’t eat bullets.

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