Risk Assessment

April 18, 2016

Risk Assessment

Before you start learning new skills and putting your food up..
You really should sit down and do a risk assessment.
Regardless of the event, you should perform a risk analysis and decide on a plan of action.

List everything that could happen or go bad, natural and man made disasters.

The nature side is up to you and what YOU believe what is possible.
A coronal mass ejection?
Does it flood?
Heavy snowfall in the winter?
Forest Fire?
Do list everything that is relevant to the area you live in.

Man made is a little easier.
Nuclear power plant near by?
Large city?
Terrorism is always a threat, whether foreign or domestic.

Then think over theses questions for each item on the list.

How quickly will you need to make a lifesaving decision to survive the threats?
For example, hurricanes typically give you several days, if not weeks, to prepare, but tornadoes do not.
What level of threat will it take for you to evacuate your home?
Where will you go?
What items or personal gear will you take with you?
Do you have a plan to secure any pets or other animals?

Do not fail at risk analysis. Risk analysis is just as vital as preparing itself.
If you do not know what to prepare for you could be wasting time, money and other precious resources planning and preparing to survive an event that will likely never happen to you based on the variables above.

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