One Second After
Book / January 21, 2016

The first book is five-star rated and must-read for any post-apocalyptic fan! This is my go to book when I have nothing else to read. The second book One Year After was a huge disappointment. One year after an EMP fuel would be in such short supply, people would be using alternative means of transportation, horse, bicycles or just plain walking would be the norm. Yet they had fuel to drive everywhere.  

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
Book / January 20, 2016

[yasr_overall_rating] It was ok but not the greatest book I’ve ever read. If you are a prepper, survivalist, gun enthusiant, military or post military you will probably love this book. I, however, am not. I found the character development nonexistant. I didn’t identify with any of the characters really. They were all flat and lifeless. When talking about the deaths of the characters, it was stark and pretty unemotional. While the ideas of the book are commendable, I wanted to read a work of fiction and not a fictionalized prepper manual. The meticulous detail and descriptions of weapons, ammunition, IED building processes, communication devices and vehicles was way overdone. This was more a collection of short stories and weapons manuals than a coherent novel. I give it a 3 star because I do give the guy A for effort. It was informative. It made me think about many things I had heretofore never given much thought. I might would chance purchasing another book from this author. That’s as good as I can do.